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ivanben Nov 8 '18
Horror should, at some level, be considered a reflection with the items we are actually scared of. A film about witches created for someone who cannot rely on them won't be scary it doesn't matter how many times they jump from a corner watch tv shows online . Momentarily startling, sure, but nothing that could stick with you. The Nun, the newest in Warner Bros. successful distinct sequels and sidequels to its Conjuring films, suggests what we’re really scared of are priests and church officials, but only when their eyes glow after dark and they throw things around making use of their mind. Or maybe it’s the eeriness of empty places not even close to civilization - in cases like this a chalet in Eastern Europe - in a very classic haunted house story. Or maybe it’s about some demonic other wanting to invade the house with no idea how you can stop it. Actually, The Nun doesn’t have any idea what we’re fearful of, so it’s about to try a bit of everything and hope something works.

Set about two decades prior to The Conjuring films, The Nun sets seem to show us the hidden reputation the demon Valak that was vanquished in The Conjuring 2. Exactly what that history is is going to be glossed over in a very quick flashback since this story is a lot more about another people who were also terrorized with that same evil Nun we got before. In this case a semi-abandoned cloister where a forgotten order of Nun’s prays almost all the time in order to keep a traditional evil trapped there. When all communication together with the cloister ceases the Vatican sends one among its best demon busters, Father Burke (Bichir) along with a young novitiate (Farmiga) to research.

As an important fan of Predator, I was excited to discover this entry. I was really interested to discover what Shane Black, among the actors in the first film, would do as writer and director. While The Predator became a bit of a mixed bag, it did deliver what you’ve visit expect from Black - humor, action, along with a solid sequel for the 31-year-old franchise.

One of the points The Predator does well is making the Predator a violent threat again. For the last few movies the alien has felt a lot more like a large man awkwardly performing inside a rubber suit. This film makes him feel faster and deadlier than they have for quite some time. From the opening scenes we have been treated to violent and gory deaths like we’ve visit expect through the series watch once upon a time in hollywood . And one scene the place that the Predator escapes through the research facility will be the highlight with the film since the creature kills scientists and soldiers in increasingly brutal and amusing ways. There’s a great satisfy action fans here.
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